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Aareon Vacancy Management in demand
Techem (as the development partner), BRUNATA, Munich, and Kalorimeta opt for Aareon’s vacancy management solution. This digital solution automates the hitherto largely manual processes involved in a change of tenant, linking up utilities, metering services and housing companies. Aareon is working together with ista to develop a further service for the exchange of tenant data.

Wodis Sigma Dialogues
Over 500 participants attend the Wodis Sigma Dialogues series of events at six locations in Germany. New features of the current Wodis Sigma Release 11 are presented and Aareon Smart World topics discussed.

(Credit: Aareon AG, Mainz, Germany)

Lars Aabol appointed CEO of Aareon Nordic
Lars Aabol has 30 years of experience in the IT sector as founder, manager and managing director of software and consulting services in the Nordic countries.

(Credit: Daniel Roos, Stockholm, Sweden)

Successful go-lives at the start of the year
Aareon goes live with over 60 projects in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, covering some 230,000 units in total.

CalCon now officially part of the Aareon Group
The acquisition of CalCon takes effect on 1 January 2020, following the signing of the contract in November 2019. CalCon was already a long-standing partner of Aareon. Solutions for property condition assessment, determination of requirements and maintenance planning are added to Aareon Smart World as a result of the acquisition.



Spar- und Bauverein eG Dortmund goes live with Aareon Invoicing Portal
All invoices from the utility Dortmunder Energie- und Wasserversorgung GmbH are now sent digitally and automatically registered in the accounting system.



Job applicant training for the JOBLINGE initiative
The training held by Aareon in Mainz is designed to support young people who are having problems landing their first job on the labour market.

(Credit: Aareon AG, Mainz, Germany)

Bernicia Group opts for Aareon UK
Bernicia has chosen additional Aareon Digital Solutions; the Self Service App and the hosting of the 360 Contractor Portal. Bernicia offers high-quality and affordable homes for over 60,000 customers in the north-east of England.

Management of the Covid-19 pandemic
The vast majority of employees, around 1,700 in number, work from home during the Covid-19 pandemic in order to protect the health of customers and staff alike. Aareon ensures that ongoing operations continue to run smoothly and takes numerous measures to support its customers during the crisis.



Lincolnshire Housing Partnership (LHP) pushes ahead with digitalisation
LHP with around 13,000 units chooses Aareon QL Next Generation, 1st Touch Mobile for employees and 360 Customer Portal. The solutions will be fully hosted by Aareon.

Aareon subsidiary phi-Consulting turns 20
The energy industry has been undergoing a digital transformation since the turn of the millennium – and phi-Consulting’s innovative consulting services have provided it with support for just as long. The company specialises in digital roadmap design and the optimi­sation of utilities’ business processes.

Charity campaign “Aareon sagt Danke” (“Aareon says Thanks”)
Aareon thanks Mainz-based charitable institutions Kinderkrebshilfe Mainz e.V., Mainzer Hospizgesellschaft Christophorus e.V. and Pfarrer-Landvogt-Hilfe e.V. Their dedicated staff are under particular pressure during the Covid-19 pandemic.

(Credit: Aareon AG, Mainz, Germany)



Virtual company run in aid of a good cause
Aareon donates to non-profit organisations in Augsburg in the ongoing “Aareon sagt Danke” campaign. The money was raised through the active participation of Aareon employees in a virtual company run.



Deutsche Telekom AG opts for CalCon’s AiBATROS®
Having used the digital solution epiqr® to manage its 6,900,000 m² of gross floor space in administrative, office and technical buildings since 2013, the company will now migrate to AiBATROS®.

Fifth award for promoting a healthy work-life balance
Following initial certification in 2008, Aareon is awarded the German “berufundfamilie” certificate for the fifth time, underscoring the company’s family-friendly and life-phase-oriented personnel policy.

(Credit: Aareon AG, Mainz, Germany)

AI-based virtual assistant Neela announced
Neela will initially be launched in the German market. Marketing is also set to commence in the UK, the Netherlands and the Nordic countries in the course of the year. Neela supports the communication between property companies and their customers, initially via chat.

Aareon is a consortium partner in the “ForeSight” project
The aim of the research and development project sponsored by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) is to develop a platform for context-sensitive, intelligent and predictive smart living services. Aareon brings its long-standing industry and technological expertise to the project in its role of consortium partner.

First go-live of Tobias 365 in the Netherlands
Habion, one of the leading social housing companies specialised in housing for older people in the Netherlands (12,500 units) is the first customer to go live with the new ERP product generation Tobias 365. The pilot implementation of the cloud solution has largely taken place online due to Covid-19.



FMHaaglanden in the Netherlands opts for Facilitor
FMHaaglanden is part of the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. With more than 500 employees they supply facility products and services within the government in The Hague region to the workplaces of approximately 30,000 government employees. This important facility management provider chooses Aareon Nederland’s Facility Management Information System.

(Credit: FMHaaglanden, Den Haag, Netherlands)

WAG Wohnungsanlagen-
gesellschaft m.b.H., Linz, uses AiBATROS®

The Austrian company wants to use AiBATROS® to record and evaluate its portfolio; it will be the first customer to introduce portfolio management in AiBATROS® for flexible portfolio evaluation. WAG has 240 employees and manages over 80,000 units.

Long-term strategic cooperation agreed
Aareal Bank AG, Aareal First Financial Solutions AG and Aareon join forces to develop solutions, especially in the field of integrated payment transactions, for their respective customer groups.

ÖWG Wohnbau in Austria plans to use RELion
ÖWG Wohnbau, Graz – one of Austria’s biggest non-profit property developers (with around 33,000 units) – opts for the ERP solution Aareon RELion.

Aareon cloud services
Aareal Bank AG and Aareal First Financial Solutions AG extend their outsourcing contracts. Services from the certified Aareon data centre comprise an integral part of the agreement.



Advent International acquires a 30 % stake in Aareon
Aareon’s parent company, Aareal Bank, announces the agreement of a long-term partnership with private equity investor Advent International (“Advent”) with the aim of further boosting Aareon’s growth trajectory. Aareal Bank will sell a 30 % minority stake in Aareon to Advent.



SEIITRA and Aareon France enter into a strategic partnership
The aim of this partnership is to optimise condominium and trustee management. SEIITRA is the market leader in France for digital solutions for condominium management.

Launch of new ERP product generation Wodis Yuneo
Aareon launches the new Wodis Yuneo product generation in Germany at the online event Aareon Live. It provides property companies with an ERP system capable of operating with new technologies such as business intelligence, robotics and big data.

Online event Aareon Live is a resounding success
Aareon Live, held under the motto “Pioneering Spirit”, registers over 1,600 participants. The live-stream presen­tations set out Aareon’s strategy for providing the property industry and its partners with even more support in the digital transformation and develop­ment of further potential for success. Notable pioneers from public life and business provide all kinds of fresh inspiration on current topics pertaining to society and industry.

20 years of CalCon
Aareon subsidiary CalCon celebrates its anniversary and looks back on 20 years of new ideas and exciting projects with the focus on providing efficient solutions for viable existing properties. Its committed customers have supported CalCon every step of the way.

Donation of 10,000 euros to DESWOS
Aareon donates to Cologne-based DESWOS (Deutsche Entwicklungs­hilfe für soziales Wohnungs- und Siedlungswesen e.V.) at its online event Aareon Live. The money will go towards a pilot project in Juba, the capital of South Sudan, which aims to provide single mothers and their children with decent living conditions.

(Credit: Aareon AG, Mainz, Germany)



Aareon RELion establishes branch office in Switzerland
The Aareon Group continues its international growth strategy with the establishment of a branch office in Rotkreuz, Switzerland, and is now represented at locations throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland.



Ampolon Ventures sets up its third venture
The venture subsidiary established by Aareon in 2018 engages closely with the start-up scene to explore promising digital and user-centric solutions. Following the first two investments in OFI Group and Refurbio, this process has now resulted in an investment in Ecaria.

Forsa survey of German property companies and tradespeople on Mareon
Overall, more than 95 % of Mareon users are satisfied with the solution. Thanks to the benefits provided by the efficient process seamlessly integrated across all systems, many of the property companies surveyed now process over 70 % of their orders via Mareon. Mareon has been connecting property companies with trades­people and automating the order and invoicing process for almost 20 years.

Aareon Online: the first online event held by Aareon Nederland
At “Aareon Online – on the road to 2021”, Aareon Nederland gives its customers a preview of all new developments planned for 2021 and presents practical examples of the latest software solutions.

(Credit: Aareon Nederland B.V., Emmen, Netherlands)



Significant demand for Wodis Yuneo
Around 300 customers have opted for the new ERP product generation by the end of the year.

Aareon signs contract for the acquisition of Arthur Online Ltd.
Aareon continues on its growth trajectory by signing a contract to acquire a 100 % stake in the fast-growing UK-based SaaS company Arthur.

Bye-bye GES
At the end of the year, the ERP system is discontinued as planned at the Aareon data centre, bringing a chapter of Aareon’s company history to a close. All its customers have already migrated to modern, high-performance Aareon ERP systems.